December 3, 2022
US News

Rapper Takeoff in the chart-leading group Migos has been shot dead in Houston, Texas. A bowler who was playing chop together with their uncle and bandmate was killed on Tuesday in the alley. When police arrived, a man in his 20s was shot in the neck and head. At the scene, he was declared dead. Media retailers including TMZ, Variety, and the Hollywood Reporter identified Takeoff as the victim.

SpaceX has launched its Falcon Heavy rocket on a mission for the U. S. Space Force. This is the fourth launch of the company’s heavy payload launch vehicle, which first flew in 2018. Today’s launch also marks SpaceX’s 50th in 2022.

A corrections officer at Rikers Island has been stabbed no less than 15 times by a defendant. The incident occurred Monday at about 4:45 pm., a corrections officer is attacked by an inmate during the unit. The corrections police officer who was attacked was taken to Elmhurst Hospital immediately and is currently listed in stable condition.

Elon Musk said $8 monthly fee for Twitter blue tick. Previosly there were reports it will be $20 per month. Twitter limits employees to use moderation tools before midterm elections.

Phoenix police have arrested multiple patients at the Arizona State Hospital after they barricaded themselves, held staff against their will, and threatened them with make-shift weapons on Monday morning.

Two Iowa teenagers killed their high school Spanish teacher in 2021 because of frustration over a bad grade, prosecutors said Tuesday in court documents that for the first time reveal a possible motive.

Still no winners on Powerball Jackpot. The pot will be $1.2 billion.

A man with a gun shooted two police officers on Tuesday in Newark, New Jersey, and escape to nearby buildings. One officer was shot in face, and the other in his leg. Both policemen are in hospital. No arrest yet, and manhunts continue after they did not find him in the buildings.

The man charged with breaking into U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home and clubbing her husband with a hammer later told police he was on a “suicide mission” and he wanted to attack more politicians, according to court documents.

Steve Nash left Brookyln Nets coach position. Nets started the new season with 2-5 under Nash.