December 3, 2022
sleeping woman

Getting the right amount and quality of sleep at any age is essential for our bodies, especially our nervous and immune systems.  Without it there is no muscle development, and poor quality sleep is a much greater health risk for women than for men. 

Fatigue and sleeplessness resulting from inadequate sleep can make it difficult to cope with everyday tasks and can also increase the risk of depression, behavioural problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.

If your health is important to you, make sure you consider these points before you sleep!

Don’t use any technological devices! 

The blue light from various electronic devices is stimulating and therefore makes it difficult to fall asleep. The brain reacts to the light from screens as if it were daylight, so it switches to day mode instead of sleep mode, thus not producing the melatonin hormone needed to fall asleep. 

Get electronics out of the bedroom, including laptops, phones and televisions. 

Don’t force yourself to sleep!

We lie in bed, tossing and turning, our minds racing as to why we can’t fall asleep. Does this sound familiar? Getting upset only makes it harder to fall asleep. Instead, let’s grab a good book and read until we fall asleep.

Say no to alcohol! 

If we drink alcohol before we fall asleep, constant trips to the toilet will interrupt our sleep. You will wake up and find it much harder to fall back asleep. Alcohol also impairs memory and concentration.

Don’t exercise before bedtime! 

Do not exercise just before going to sleep. It will raise your blood pressure and get your circulation going, and you will be more alert as a result. At the same time, exercise and time outdoors improves the quality of sleep. Exercise and move regularly, just watch your timing.

The importance of the room

A clean, quiet, dark room with clean air, cool air and the right humidity all contribute to a good quality of sleep. 

Don’t eat before bedtime!

Although it is true that it is easy to feel sleepy after a hearty meal, it is still not a good idea to eat a lot of heavy food before going to bed at night. An overly full stomach makes it difficult to fall asleep. Avoid foods that are difficult to digest immediately before bedtime, and eat dinner earlier.

Tips to improve your sleep quality

  • Turn off my phone 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Listen to relaxing music or meditate in the evening.
  • I try to get to bed before 10pm and avoid external stimuli. I prefer to read.
  • I go for a long walk in the afternoon or early evening.
  • I avoid caffeine and sugary drinks, sweets and heavy dinners from midday.

What can you do if your sleep is still not satisfactory? 

There are many factors that affect the quality of sleep and some are not so easy to eliminate. If you feel the problem is serious, it is a good idea to see a doctor to check if there is an underlying organ problem. If this is not confirmed, lifestyle changes may be a good option.

Preparations with natural active ingredients, such as valerian or a fine chamomile tea, can help you relax.