December 3, 2022
marvel movie

While promoting his own book, the popular director talked about whether he wants to join the MCU one day.

The film industry’s most prominent figures have been making comments about Marvel Studios’ superhero movies, and now Quentin Tarantino has joined the ranks. The legend, who started his career as an indie filmmaker, launched his triumphant career with 1992’s Reservoir Dogs.

He went on to bring to the table such marvels as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and The Dirty Brigands. You can usually recognise a Tarantino film within the first 10 seconds, which is no mean feat for today’s filmmakers.

Tarantino is currently touring the world promoting his own book, and he said some interesting things along the way.

During an interview with an LA Times journalist, he was asked about the Marvel films, and he made it clear that he has no plans to join the franchise.

“To do something like that, you’d have to be a hired hand. I’m not a contract worker. I don’t need a job.”

Harsh words, but Tarantino is not the only one to condemn Marvel workers and their products. Martin Scorsese famously declared that the MCU has nothing to do with the real cinematic experience, and James Cameron is happy to proclaim how much more human Avatar 2 is than a Marvel movie.

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