December 3, 2022
Breakfast in a bed

 Anyone who not only wants to lose the pounds, but also wants to stay healthy and well, is sure to find the diet for them among the methods considered the best.

Doctors and nutritionists have tested which diets are proven to be effective, but also how healthy, safe, nutritious, effective in preventing diabetes and heart problems, and of course, how easy they are to follow.

Here are the top 5 on the list:

1. The Mediterranean diet

The top spot is taken by the popular Mediterranean diet, which has earned the best diet award for the third year running. The method, which combines the eating habits of Mediterranean countries, is considered by most people to be more of a dietary habit than a structured diet. The diet teaches a long-term lifestyle change that brings success without fasting and skimping. Those who follow the Mediterranean diet eat very little red meat and sugar, are careful with dairy products (cheese, milk, yoghurt), seeds, chocolate, eggs and moderate alcohol consumption (red wine is allowed in moderation – that’s why it’s my favourite!). It’s delicious! You can see why it made it to number one.

2. The weight watcher diet

The runner-up is the Weight Watchers diet, which can help you lose weight and later maintain your dream weight. The WW diet assigns a score to each food, which is calculated based on the amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibre and calories in that food. The higher a food’s score, the more it gets in the way of weight loss, but you don’t have to give it up. All a dieter has to do is use a calculator to work out how much they can eat based on their gender, age, weight, height and the kilos they want to lose, but they can eat whatever they want.

3. HMR diet

Also among the best was the HMR (Health Management Resources) diet, which was created many years ago by a behavioural scientist. It is a really easy way to lose weight, as it consists mainly of smoothies. It tells you exactly what you can eat and when. Regular exercise is part of the programme, with a minimum of 20 minutes walking. Eating and physical activity must be regularly logged, and therefore has the disadvantage of leaving no room for individual needs. Eat when and what you are told to eat, ignoring your body’s signals. However, HMR foods not only help you lose weight quickly, but also help you lead a healthy lifestyle with plenty of fruit and vegetables, lean meats and low glycaemic index carbohydrates.

4. DASH diet

The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) was developed by experts to help reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure. It is a long-term diet that cuts fatty meats and dairy products, sugar and oil from your daily diet, and replaces them with whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins, small amounts of seeds, fish and poultry. The diet is very focused on daily sodium intake, which should not exceed 2300 mg per day.

5. Ornish diet

The vegetarian diet is named after Dr. Dean Michael Ornish, an American professor who developed the diet that bears his name sometime in the early 1990s. He wanted to help people not only lose weight, but also stay healthy. He divided the foods into five groups, with the healthiest being rated 1 and the unhealthiest 5. The method is based on eating foods with no more than 10 per cent fat and high fibre. Ornish has completely eliminated meat from the diet. The diet should avoid processed foods, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and reduce salt intake. But it is safe to eat fruit, vegetables, wholemeal breads and pastries. Nutritious beans, which provide protein from plant sources, are recommended. Brown rice should be eaten often, low-fat yoghurt and skimmed milk products only occasionally. And a minimal intake of cold-pressed vegetable oil will cover the body’s recommended fat intake.