December 3, 2022
Happy cute shy middle aged woman laughing. Anti age face skin care, portrait.

As time goes by, the signs of ageing gradually become visible on our skin. Fine wrinkles, less firm, dull skin… Over the past decades, cosmetic brands have been experimenting with new products to fight these signs and slow down the process. 

Is ageing our greatest problem and punishment? Fortunately, this view seems to be changing. Increasingly, women are daring to be themselves, wrinkles and cellulite and all the other things that used to make us feel like we belonged in the back row. “You and me stumbled into the VIP room by mistake.” – Bridget Jones. Remember? I loved it! But back to our original topic.

So the anti-ageing mindset seems to be slowly being replaced by a pro-ageing mindset, which accepts the natural processes of ageing, doesn’t fight it, and focuses on making the most of ourselves and the time we have.

People have been trying to preserve youth since ancient times. Cleopatra, for example, bathed in milk to keep her skin supple for longer, and later on they used a host of dangerous, even life-threatening substances in the name of beauty – lead compounds, copper, bugs, dried mouse fur. All to keep a youthful appearance for longer, even at the cost of health.

But new generations are starting to look at ageing differently. 

Pro-aging is about accepting yourself as you are and enjoying life regardless of your age. The goal of pro-aging is not to look younger and try to look 20 years old at 45, but to have fun, live who you are and strive to be the best version of yourself every year of your life. Don’t try to look different, but do your best. Love your age and enjoy all that comes with ageing. This includes everything from wrinkles to grey hair.

So the pro-aging movement is about more than skincare; it’s a way of life. 

It is clearly not about ignoring a proper skincare routine, as beauty and skincare products contain many important and effective ingredients that are good for the skin. However, as well as the outside, she also wants to focus on inner beauty and how you feel about yourself. If you take care of yourself, you’re more likely to take care of your overall health, and sooner or later it will show in your appearance.

So if you want to get caught up in the pro-aging philosophy, start taking care of yourself. Try to adopt healthier habits and change to a healthier lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet, discover the benefits of wellness, home spa, quality sleep, meditation. All this is essential to achieve physical and mental balance.

Here are some things to look out for when you get behind pro-aging:

  • Learn to slow down in life
  • Watch your diet – eat foods that make your skin look beautiful
  • Take care of your skin, more skincare/less make-up
  • Exercise regularly
  • Watch the quality and quantity of your sleep

Why is pro-aging the new anti-aging?

The secret to the growing popularity of the pro-aging movement is that it is much more comprehensive than the anti-aging attitude, which is sometimes narrow and preconceived. 

You can’t stop ageing… and why should you? Accept it as part of life and try to make the most of it. Try new things, travel, meet new people… In other words, live life to the full!