December 3, 2022
john wick

Lionsgate brings us two and a half minutes of footage to get us in the mood for the next outing of the Nightmare King.

With Keanu Reeves still in the public domain and the previous John Wick movies doing well in theaters, Lionsgate is still not slowing down, in fact, it’s slowing down. If it weren’t for the crown virus outbreak and the constant delays, we would have seen John Wick 4 by now, which would have already been accomplished with the two spin-off series, The Continental and Ballerina. Fortunately, they are all coming in good order.

John Wick 4, for example, is scheduled for worldwide theatrical release next March, and it may well challenge the title character more than ever before.

The previous teaser gave us a taste of what’s in store for the most notorious assassin after the events of 2019’s John Wick: Act 3 – Parabellum, but the concept is simple: John Wick will still be allowed to retire and will once again have to call on all his skills and connections to survive the next challenge. And it’s not going to be an easy ride, just watch the trailer below, in which almost everyone is out for Wick’s blood: