December 3, 2022
Kirsty Leanne on a pickup

Kirsty Leanne who is a plus size blogger and TikTokker, was sure she wanted to travel the world years ago, but she was constantly being criticized for her weight and felt she was simply “too fat to travel”. Then she realized that being a plus-size woman didn’t have to make her uncomfortable and that she, like anyone else, had the right to travel. 

During a trip, she shared her experiences of flying Ryanair, and more specifically the seat sizes on the flight. She complained that she had been forced to ask for a seat belt extender because she was overweight. The video exploded on social media.

Kirsty revealed that after posting the video, however, she receives thousands of cruel, mean-spirited comments every day, such as ‘Fat people do not deserve to fly, travel or even have fun they should be banished to the gym until they’re fixed.’

Some would ban him outright from flying on the grounds that plus-size people don’t deserve to be treated the same as ‘normal’ sized people. 

I can’t imagine what motivates these people to hurt someone they don’t even know. Where does this immense anger and hatred come from that they can attack so unjustly? I believe that people who live happy and balanced lives do not do this, and only truly unhappy people are capable of this.

Kirsty said that she mostly tries to brush off these hurtful comments, but admits that some particularly nasty ones are hard for her to deal with. Especially when she receives them in such droves.

‘When it gets really bad I have to take myself offline and have a little breather, but this can be difficult when my business revolves around me being active on social media.

Fortunately, the determined Kirsty hasn’t been deterred from blogging by the rather nasty comments and will continue to share her experiences in the future.

She doesn’t deal with prejudice and continues to travel. She is now organizing group plus-size trips and is constantly exploring places where fuller women can enjoy themselves. 

Her mission is to encourage people to travel the world with a larger body. She also wants to give them all the information they need to travel comfortably. On her travels, she looks for hotels where the chairs are bigger and stronger, there are no bed rails in the beds, the programs and leisure activities are enjoyable for overweight people, and they are generally nicer to plus-size people than other places. In his experience, the US and Mexico are the most accepting when it comes to travel for overweight people. 

Her followers are very grateful to her, with some thanking her for finally daring to get on a plane to go on holiday because of her influence.