December 3, 2022
Anti wrinkle cream. Woman with cream in heart shape

You can’t stop ageing, but you can slow it down if you pay attention to your diet, your lifestyle, take good care of your skin and don’t have any harmful addictions. Besides, there are a few simple tricks that can help you look fresh if you do them every day.  

We have collected a few:


Wear colourful clothes!

Sure, when you’re younger, you dress more colourfully, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to do so later in life. There’s no need to go overboard, but if you can find that one or two colours that bring out the tone of your face, you’ve got a winner. Occasionally, even a colour consultation can help you choose the shades that suit you.


Smile a lot!

Kim Kardashian would definitely disagree with us. See, I do smile and sometimes I laugh, but not too often because it makes me wrinkly,” she said in one of her posts. But in fact, research has shown that we judge happy faces to be much younger.

Reflection in a mirror of happy woman taking care of her face skin.


White teeth make a difference

And while you’re smiling, it doesn’t matter what kind of smile you have – the whiter your teeth are, the more refreshed and youthful you look. It’s no coincidence that teeth whitening procedures have become widespread. Of course, you don’t have to rush to the dentist straight away, there are other tricks you can use. Cut down on drinks that stain your teeth, such as coffee, red wine, tea and soy sauce.

Beautiful young woman with healthy perfect smile brushing teeth and looking in mirror


Take care of your hair!

The face and hair are the first things we notice when we look at each other, and the condition of these can make a big difference to how old we look. Fragmented, dull hair can make you look older, while a neat hairstyle always looks younger.


Frame your eyes!

It’s not just the hair that counts towards your overall look, but also the eyebrows. It’s therefore worth shaping them as nicely as possible, as this is what first draws the eye to the eyes.


Moisturise every day!

Of course, this doesn’t just mean your complexion, but also your neck and the back of your hands. Imagine that most people can guess a woman’s age just from the back of her hand, so it’s worth taking care of. Include your neck, décolletage and hands in your beauty routine in the same way you do your face. Use a sunscreen cream during the day and don’t forget a fine-grit exfoliator from time to time. 


Greens and reds

Eat more green leafy vegetables as the high vitamin K content helps blood clotting and reduces the chance of developing bruising. And the lycopene in tomatoes protects the skin from UV rays, but research shows that eating fruit and vegetables gives you a better, healthier complexion from the start.


Let stress out!

We know it’s easy to say, but research has proven that stress ages cells, so it’s definitely worth looking for activities that help you unwind. Whether it’s a hot bath, yoga, meditation, regular back massage or half an hour of running a day, the key is to unwind and recharge.

Good-looking Senior Woman With Mat


Say no to alcohol!

This drink has a negative effect on cells, especially when consumed in excess. A glass or two a week is fine if you drink enough water alongside it, but you should know that alcohol dries out the skin and triggers inflammation, so it can cause wrinkles and acne.


Vote for naturalness!

Watch out for makeup with dark shades. The more natural the colour you choose for your lips and eyelids, the more refreshing and glamorous the end result will be.