December 3, 2022
interesting facts: vote

The Liberian presidential election of 1927 was a ray of hope for the citizens of Liberia: although Liberia appeared to be a democratic state, it was mostly a fairy tale. From the second half of the 1800s, the True Whig party was in the lead, exercising a kind of autocracy over the country. Although there were attempts from the opposition side, there seemed to be no one to dethrone them and the governor, Charles D. B. King.

However, the people of Liberia could look forward to another gruesome year as King won this election. The snag is that although he polled 234,000 votes, only 15,000 people registered to vote – a margin of nearly 1680%. He kept pulling the strings until he somehow managed to get his own “supporters” to vote more than once. King, of course, was aware of the fraud, and even proposed it, fearing the rising popularity of Thomas J. Faulkner (People’s Party) – but even he was surprised by the result.

Shockingly, even though the fraud was clear as day, King was able to take his seat in the still-unfrozen presidency with glee. Finally, Faulkner, his former greatest opponent, spread the dirt and brought charges against the slave trade for profit.

In 1930, King voluntarily resigned his presidency, but as a consolation prize, he could at least claim the world record for electoral fraud, which is also in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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