December 3, 2022
I just want to be left alone. Shot of a young businessman looking stressed at work.

For people all around the world, the problem is that there are so many toxic workplaces. Workers get no decent salary or recognition, there is no career path, they are often disrespected by their bosses, and unpaid overtime is an unspoken expectation. Because of this, millions suffer from all kinds of mental health problems. 

Unfortunately, the cause of this is either discovered or unconsciously poisoned day after day. In any case, it is important and cannot be ignored.

What causes a toxic/toxic work environment?

American psychologists have compiled a list of the negative effects that toxic workplaces can have.

  • difficulty concentrating
  • physical and mental sensitivities
  • depression
  • difficulty sleeping, fatigue

What are the signs of a toxic workplace?

Upset young woman feeling tired and stressed at work

If you experience this, you are probably working in a similar atmosphere. 

  • Profit over people

The most toxic companies are those where management has forgotten that profits are made by the employees. They subordinate everything to revenue, with no concern for the health, privacy, relationships or fair pay of their employees. This will very soon cause the employee to experience symptoms of burnout and fatigue. 

  • Selfish management

In this case, the management is always self-serving and does not care about the employees. Sooner or later, this will be harmful, as everyone will want to please them, hoping to be noticed. Therefore, there will be a lot of competition, intrigue and intrigue, and workers will start to walk all over each other.

  • Stressful environment

There are so many jobs where you are constantly on the go, fast work, super performance is constantly expected, as is concentration. Moreover, it’s in these places that people are the least forgiving of those who make mistakes, so people are under enormous stress. Anyone who is prone to anxiety will quickly feel the strain mentally and physically in such a place and become ill. 

In contrast, these are the characteristics of a good workplace:

  • It gives you opportunities to grow, to develop your career.
  • it takes care of your work-life balance
  • a good sense of community and a friendly atmosphere
  • the boss is a real leader and not just a boss on parade.