December 3, 2022
interesting facts

Niagara Falls lies on the border between the United States and Canada, and every year millions of tourists visit the area to see this huge monument for themselves.

Although the natural wonder is only 53.6 metres high, it can still produce a brutal flow of water at high tides, with up to 100,000 m3 of water falling every minute. Interestingly, a torrent of such force and volume might be thought to never subside – but a team of engineers has managed to capture it.
The incident happened in 1969, when American engineers surrounded the waterfall. They wanted to get a deeper look at the riverbed below and unravel the mysteries of the erosion of the waterfall. Geological investigations were crucial, as they feared another collapse. Unfortunately, this had already happened a few decades earlier, twice. The experts had their work cut out for them, but finally managed to ‘dry out’ the American Falls for almost half a year. They managed to do this by building dams and temporarily diverting the entire American branch to the Canadian side.

But it wasn’t just the engineers who were curious to see what was hiding under the surge, tourists were too. On hearing of the unprecedented event, there was an unprecedented buzz around the falls, as it was not every day that you saw something like this.

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