December 3, 2022

No matter how well-groomed we look, our hands can give away our age. The skin of the hand is very thin and sensitive. By the age of forty, the epidermis thins considerably, becoming almost papery and often blotchy. How do we protect and care for our hands?

Every day, our hands have to endure the effects of the weather, hot and cold weather, often getting wet and damp, and often exposed to harsh chemicals. All this leads to the skin of the hands becoming rough, cracked and the nails chapped.

5 rules for a well-groomed hand

1./ Hand washing.

Use lukewarm water and rinse hands thoroughly after soaping. Wipe completely dry. You should not wash your hands every so often, as constant use of water and soap can damage the epidermis, cause peeling and cracking of the skin.

2./ Use protective gloves.

Protect your hands every time you work with chemicals (e.g. dishwashing detergents, cleaning products), but clean water can also dehydrate the skin of your hands. Bare hands should never be exposed to direct contact with spirits, turpentine, petrol or dry cleaning fluids. It is not advisable to use rubber gloves for more than 15 to 20 minutes, because sweating into them is not good for the skin. If you are doing work for a long time that requires rubber gloves, you should “air out” your gloves from time to time.

3./ Hand massage.

Refresh the blood circulation of the thin layer of skin with a good hand massage once a day, using a nourishing, moisturising cream on the back of the hand.

4./ Hand mask.

Apply a moisturising cream to the hands at night and then put on cotton gloves. This should be done at least once a week. For dry, chapped skin, it is a good idea to apply daily hand cream to prevent chapping. If the skin on your hands is rough, it’s also a good idea to “wash your hands” with olive oil, with a little salt added to loosen the dead, dry skin. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

5./ Age spots.

For this purpose, there are creams available that fade freckles and liver spots. In summer, we can also protect our hands from the sun’s harmful rays with high factor sunscreens, but for age spots, laser treatment is the best solution.