December 3, 2022
playful cat got into the suitcase

playful cat got into the suitcase

An unusual image caught the eye of security guards at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport while screening a suitcase on November 16. Along with the usual items, a cat was hidden in the luggage.

A live cat was hidden in a passenger’s suitcase at New York’s JFK airport. The cat was found during an X-ray screening of the suitcase by security

After being spotted, they immediately freed the quadruped and showed it to its stunned owner. The passenger said the cat must have hidden in the suitcase when he wasn’t looking. The cat and the owner were lucky because if the suitcase had passed security, the animal would hardly have survived the journey in the plane’s cargo bay.

The cat made it home safely, and the passenger, although he missed his flight, was able to rebook his ticket and travel the next day.