IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For July 26, 2021

Good morning. Hi Taher, good morning. Ticker of the day CLSH There We Go Good morning from Baltimore! GM Blaine! Great song for TSLA today Definitely! any comment on IBN ? Holding right around buy point after earnings. Morning All from Dallas! Morning John! Good morning! Hi Brian! Which one will be the first to be caught on mute? So far so good. But it’s still early. Missed you last week Scott! TY Mark, glad you noticed, Justin sure did not 🙂 Welcome Back Scott! TY 🙂 Great Scott returns! TY 🙂 Good morning from Westminster, CA! Right down the street. Used to drive right past you each AM when I would commute 🙂 Gooooood Mooorning IBD Liive! “When you make a mistake in the stock market, the only sound thing to do is correct it. Don’t fight it. Pride and ego never pay off; neither does vascillation when losses start to show up.” – William O’neil HTMMS Pg. 219 Great quote to start the morning. Heck, every morning. Nice quote Mr Quintel!!! Hatman CRM setting up ? 250 a resistance level to watch but 253.60 pivot definitely in play. Good Am IBD gang. Happy Monday Hi James! Like the spirit China tanking. How would you like to own CWEB or YINN. To late to short with something like YANG (China bear x 3)? live answered Good morning all.possible poll you have any stat on percentage of viewers are position traders or swing or day traders. Thanks I’m hoping that Ali will devise one, Steven GM Scott. Glad to see you and hear your insights! TY 🙂 What happened to sam EPS and sales growth decelerated. We noted slowing growth in TRULY hard seltzer products. Jim Koch said in the news release that hard seltzer was hurt by 3 factors — back to ibd after a long hiatus. can slim used to reqire eps greater than 80. but now you recommend stocks with no earnings. whwn did that change We’re open to considering stocks that are not profitable, as long as they have the N in CAN SLIM, show big sales increases in recent quarters, along with top-notch fund sponsorship. i’m thinking the gambler (johnny cash or kenny rogers) works better for TSLA today.. live answered Is it too late to short China stocks and how would you do it? Many are too far down, and too much in the news, it’s unlikely your broker will find shares for you to short. But in the meantime, we do have an archive of stories on the subject that may help. Boston Beer SAM Its rally is def over for now Tickers for Justine stks MRNA and KWEB Good to hear Scott back TY 🙂 Good morning from Chicago where it is Lollapalooza week and Hot and Humid – Mid 90’s. Hi Peter! Sounds like a fun time to be there! We just had a late-night rain in SoCal, of all places. Justin, great job in Boston on Saturday at the IBD Trading Summit. I learned a lot, well worth the trip over from Vermont, CANSLIM and Cannoli whats not to like 😉 Thanks for sharing that, Shane. I’m with you. Big Boston cannoli fan! NOTV RS 99 looks good ? While this one is thinly traded, the chart is def strong, Spencer. I like how on 7/6, Inotiv sold off hard, gapped down below its 50-day MA, and yet it held firm and rallied back. So, it looks like Week 7 of a new base forming. Strong move from the low-price base breakout, so that’s a concern. Stop in for coffee any time, Scott. Hope you had a terrific vacation! TY 🙂 OTIS – Seems to move neither up nor down, but sideways. How ironic… 🙂 More like a people mover at the airports, Blaine? 🙂 will we sell tsla on LB today Good question. I’m sure a Tesla sale/switch to option will be on the table. Nervous if the markets are moving down. Nervous if the markets are moving up. If you’re not nervous, you’re not paying attention! True! Why does the Think or Swim chart have an up bar color for Monday? Hey Lewis! Because we closed higher than we opened Please discuss YANG, which is gapping up out of a 16.64 stage 1 cup-with-handle bottoming base on massive volume. Good start for this leveraged ETF, no doubt. We generally recommend not to keep long positions in 3X-levered funds due to contango. But that said, an impressive from the lows near 10, wow. I agree w/ your analysis of the cup with handle. Thanks Pete. Any thoughts on POOL? Is it too extended at this point to initiate a position? live answered Seems like a lot of the increase last week was on low volume. Hi Amanda, that’s an interesting observation. Are you referring to the major indexes, top stocks, or both? Which individual equities would you point to? Thanks, Hatman NVDA 3% pullback Off lows for now. Looks pretty good. TSLA Leaderboard – is this getting the boot today? Doesn’t look like there’s any cushion. Hi there, we will def make a decision. Also looking at option possibilities. Can you link to that options play info Here’s a primer on the earnings options strategy: Why cant Irusha continue to do Podcast. Miss his humor. He’ll be on the IBD Podcast this week! Welcome back Scott! TY 🙂 Thx Scott! Great discussion TY 🙂 Singapore is not china. Its south east asia Correct, pretty sure that is what I said??? PINS came on my screen yesterday. Think 81.77 to buy Seems reasonable. We’ve got 81.87 as an early entry. I suppose you could draw a trend line that would give you an entry around 80. But earnings are coming later this week, with some of the potential upside already priced in from SNAP/TWTR … and soon FB. S Sentinel One MS & Goldman IPO; Right Group, High Sales has been the key to many Cloud Success Stocks; Please analyze the IPO Base and especially the Pivot. I call the Pivot $51 (based on Fibonacci from the Offering Price) Intriguing name in a top-notch group. Classic IPO base taking shape. But didn’t Vale just report 7/19? They reported some production figures, but not full-on earnings. What day is the IPO webinair and where do you sign up Tuesday. Ali is the best-she runs the boards in line with comments and she primes the panel to answer great thought process on the conversations couldn’t agree more! Ed – could you buy NVDA today? We increased the position last week on Leaderboard due to solid first test of 10-week line. Still looks actionable to me. Thoughts on HZO? Nice accumulation week last week but still needs to prove itself more. Could see some selling pressure (overhead supply) as it works its way higher. Ken, in the Q2 stock guide your interview was GREAT. On the sector rotation you said you used volume scans to identify. Can you elaborate on that please? Thanks Rick. I use volume scans all the time to see where big money is moving in the market. Volume screens are easy enough to build in MarketSmith. But I always sort the MS 250 by volume % change to see which stocks are popping in heavy volume. You can sort the IBD 50 the same way… How is XPEL looking today? Just keeps going. Now extended from buy zone, but looks great. How about SNOW so far today ? Looks interesting, Frank. 275 pivot clearly in play. Let’s see if volume picks up. Ed, looks like XPEL is pulling back today. Is this normal? Still normal – XPEL had run up a lot in the last several sessions. Of course, no fun to see a stock open higher and then fall 4%. How does bases reset!! Whats the philosophy around them? Here’s an Investor’s Corner on the topic: Scott, does that mean you manage about 10 positions at a time? if I was fully invested I could have 10, its rare though, I normally like 6-8 and 10-15% sizing or sometimes more Thanks Ed….I cheated and have tight stop. We’ll see. I’m taking a shot that earnings will be strong. Taking a shot at TSLA into earnings. That’s cool. You know what you’re doing. Ed doesn’t even play US EV plays…you think he’s buying CCP EV? lolol 😉 BYDDF is interesting – it’s profitable and diversified – but China risks are very high. China stock uncertainty in regards to EV could play a boost to TSLA It could. Of course, it’s also a warning to all companies (esp. consumer-focused companies) operating in China – something Tesla is well aware of in 2021. Beijing is willing to crush its own companies … don’t think for a moment the Chinese gov’t wouldn’t crush foreign companies if it wanted that. live event? Coming to Minneapolis? Haven’t attended one since the turn of the century 😉 Hi Larry, MN got missed, was scheduled early this year unfortunately why is xpel down so much today, fidelity shows john constantine resigned from board if directors, why is that so important? thanks XPEL ran up from below 80 intraday last Monday to above 100 by Friday’s close. Giving up 4 points isn’t that bad. Thanks Scott for answering my question. Much appreciated! 🙂 Where do we find Justins updated xl? We will add it to later today 🙂 What does a negative number mean in the Spread Sheet? Ex. Row 7 Retail Leisures Products -1 in Column K. Thanks! Was ranked group 5 last week, now ranked group 6 Hey Justin, I was wondering if i can get this the Industry Group table. Thanks in advance We will add it to later today 🙂 Can you share that excel Justin?? We will add it to later today 🙂 Great spreadsheet Justin . Will you be sharing it too ? 🙂 We will add it to later today 🙂 will Justin’s spreadsheet be shared? or available to download? We will add it to later today 🙂 This is great Data, Justin. Mahalo! Hey Shane, are you in HI? I just got back from Oahu 🙂 WOW- Justin. Now we will be spoiled. Oh no! They are going to send me on a plane every week. Have you considered adding RS of the industry group as a column in the 197 industries list on Marketsmith? That will be very useful. Thanks. That’s a good Q. I don’t know if a Composite Rating would be useful for industry groups, Narayanan, as we like to think of the Composite as a great tool to help you find companies that have all aspects of CAN SLIM: current and annual eps and sales growth; solid margins, ROE; and rising fund sponsorship. With an industry group of stocks, how do you evaluate a group in which 18 of 25 stocks show decreasing fund owners, 4 are flat, but 3 are showing rising fund ownership? As stock pickers, we want to find those elite 3 names within a group that is acting relatively well. Hatman Dave yes, you did said we can get this sheet, but where,,, We will add it to later today 🙂 Ali,how can i import the ready/watch list into MS?.Thanx Hi! I believe we have instructions for importing lists at — can also email [email protected] for help! Sorry, I meant Composite ranking Gotcha. And, just for fun-sies, here’s an Investor’s Corner on the Composite. That was FANTASTIC, Justin! Thank you. He def did his homework on that plane! could you give us the website to get the sheet again? 🙂 #Colors! Good stuff! nice job on the sheet Justin – thanks! Lots of insights from Justin! i didn’t listen very well, would you repeat the website again?? Sscott St Clair for the win! Colors! 🙂 Thanks Justin …very usefull He’ll be glad to read this Hi, Scott. It’s great to have you back. No, I’m in the SF Bay Area. Born and raised. Grandparents born and raised on Maui via Portugal. Nice, love HI, love being in/near the ocean. My grandfather from Portugal, on my to visit list TWLO too close to eanings? I think so – and it’s dipped below the 403.50 buy point. Please define “good cushion”. What percentage? It can depend. 10% is usually seen as a good cushion, though some investors accept less. Depends on size of position, your conviction in the stock, how the stock tends to react in earnings.

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