IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For March 5, 2021

lol, great song choice…definitley feels appropriate! Jon Najarian’s choice! Good taste, eh Jeff? Hat Man Dave Finally, some high-quality, respectable music. Ah, glad you thought so Good Morning I love the show. Chris, how do you handle your hedge when getting close to a potential level of support such as 12000 on the COMP. Or today? I will play intraday moves but I typically don’t take off the hedge until I get a buy signal on the daily chart, such as a reversal or follow-through day. Love the song…GM! GM Brian! Many appear to agree! Final Countdown to the end of the slaughter of growth stocks I like that Phil We can only go up from the final countdown that’s the thinking! Welcome back Jon Bang bang Glad he’s back Good Morning. Have a few stocks with 25% loses. Sell now ? Better to take the losses now rather than risk the market rolling over and turning those 25% losses into 50% hits or even worse. You could wait a few minutes and see how strong this morning’s bounce. Does market smith have chart patterns for head and shoulders ? Great Q, I have not seen pattern recognition show that yet. Have you checked out stories on that pattern in the Short Selling section at — PLTR yesterday up $1.14 on 92 % higher volume & closed close to high & near the middle of the consolodation range of 28, Aggressive early entry here ? Looks like PLTR fell 50%, which puts it in the broken stock category. I would search for stronger names. Hey Dave….Hope all is well Doing well Phil! Hope you are too, getting the golf sticks out ye? Is BA forming a handle? Weekly chart shows a handle that formed last week. Don’t see it on the daily though when market in correction – no buys, right? Not for us. When the market starts to rally you could make some small buys, but we usually wait for a follow through day before going in with any size. Can we look at SE, possible small buy at the 50 day line? Not finding support, that’s the problem. Is Marketsmith not working right? No data blocks, 5min etc ? Try clearing your cash and restarting your browser! to Chris – we have not yet sold some of our big winners, holding through the weakness in Sept and late Oct market in correction. Are we wrong to hold through this current market correction? (We still have a double in DOCU and 150% in APPS.) Really appreciate your opinion. Thanks! I would be out of these stocks. DOCU has been dead money for six months. APPS I would have been selling when it broke the upper channel line. I would definitely be selling if it closes the week below the 10-week. What’s the ticker on the EV company that is “on fire”? Might have been Volkswagen (VWAGY) Good morning what’s a good oil stock to buy if we have to exposure to it ? If you’re looking to gain exposure to the oil and gas industry, I’d suggest taking a look at various energy sector ETFs like XLE. What is a pink rally day? That we close under higher than the day before, but still under some threshold? It’s when the market reverses and closes high in the range but doesn’t turn positive, so the color is the pinkish red for a down day. The Dow showed a pink rally day on Oct. 30. Why do not IBD add the strategies that Chris does? including options We do on Leaderboard, but not as aggressive. We use SQQQ to reduce exposure and will use UPRO or TQQQ to get upside exposure near a market bottom. Morning team, what is your take on (APPN) Breaking down well below the 50-day line. What is the ticker for Volkswagen again? VWAGY I am down about 3% for the year. Is that an outlier or pretty typical for this market? I really would appreciate some feedback. Thank you!! Doesn’t seem so bad considering the Nasdaq just fell 10% off its high. what do you need to see in the market to change market indicator to market in correction? Good question. Here’s a link to a story I wrote that talks about market outlook and how we know when to change it: Is Nio looking like a broken stock? No question about it. Could form a new base but 42% pullback already makes a potential new pattern flawed. The best bases generally show a pullback of around 30%. John – ETSY seems to have fallen apart much worse than market. What do you think of ETSY Finally looks like it’s ready to build a new base after a monster price run. Let’s see what a new consolidation phase looks like. Can you guys talk about the strength in LYFT? If it holds gains and trades sideways from here, a new entry could easily be seen. GOOGL/GOOG just sitting there like the travel names strong stocks, yes. Can John explain what unusual option activity means and what I should do about it ? Unusual option activity typically implies options contracts that are trading at a higher volume relative to the contract’s open interest. It can can provide insight on what smart money is doing with large volume orders, signaling new positions and potentially a big move in the underlying asset. Does IBD or Market Rebellion offer a product similar to Swing Trader ,but for newbie option traders.I recognize the need for a lot of education and training to trade options independently. We are working behind the scenes on an options offering as we speak! Timing TBD. Do you put value on the 30 week / 150 day moving averages? The main moving averages we use are the 50-day MA, 10-week MA and 21-day EMA. I have retained half of my gains since Nov 1 by following your buy and sell rules and rotating into finance and energy. Learning a lot. Thank you. Cynthia Very nice! People are talking about shorting AMZN definitely acting weak but still trading above lows in 27-week consolidation. re: TTD could it be that GOOGL is doing away with cookies? TTD is a big user of cookies? You are correct. Definitely related to GOOGL news Wed it will no longer use tech to track people on the internet. What do you think of oil stocks? they’re still outperforming but many are extended now. Be careful not to chase. What is the next level of support for COST? I have long term holding up several hundred percent. Debating to sell or not. Thanks The round number of 300 seems like a logical support level to watch. Or the May/June lows around 294… Any suggestions on which stocks to buy when interest rates are rising? financials, financials, financials Can the team go over some short set ups and puts Most things are too extended to the downside. Wait for the inevitable bounce and play the reverasals off the 21 day and 50 day. Yesterdays article about Googles plan to change ad tracking policy seems to have played a major role in TTDs price drop 100%. Please comment on GBTC. Thank you live answered Cathy Wood sold of close to 900,000 shares in PYPL yesterday ARK is selling shares in more liquid, conventional growth stocks, holding/adding to highly valued growth names … incl. many that are fairly illiquid. Can you please give your input on SHLS, thank you. Selling off very hard. New IPOs aren’t in favor right now. Neither is solar. Chris can you show a long term leader sell signal. the break of the trend line? live answered MS Charts has become totally unresponsive to my mouse clicks. Then I realized I was clicking on your chart, not mine. Duh!! I’ve done the same thing many times. I don’t hear you guys talking about how well GOOGL is holding up through the week. Isn’t it holding a tight base now? Thinking about a longer term play with it. howard in Ashland OR Impressive stock no doubt. Nice looking chart! Chris, how about the idea of adding 1 or 2 Longterm leaders right around a Follow Through Day for a good chance of a good start? That would be a good time. Irusha! GBTC— I caught a bit of that last jump off the 50 day with Charles! live answered John: What do you think of GBTC?? testing support at the 50-day line again. Let’s see if it bounces. can you go over FBC Breakout never had a chance in this market. Chris’s opinion on $GS todays pullback. Sell, Buy more or hold. We will probably be selling it today if it closes below the 10-day. Whats tanking the market is it some news? You’d think rising interest rates, but that’s not the case. 10-year yield has backed off highs to 1.56%. GREAT INFO. cam you post this recoding afterwards Every show is posted a couple hours after we wrap up. Why not change to correction now? IBD moved to a correction Thursday night. Is there a way to get a recording of todays zoom meeting You can rewatch the show for a couple of weeks at It’ll be up in about an hour. Can you look at Vale Still forming a decent base above its 50-day line. Lots of miners have broken out already though. SHLS Hitting new lows. IPOs and solar are terrible right now. Who knows when it’ll recover. It may never recover. So buying right now is very, very risky. Chris’s opinion on $GS todays pullback. Sell, Buy more or hold. It’s a hold after nice run. When you take an initial position, how many shares are you buying on average? Not a broken stock by any means….retesting prior buy area and holding above 50-day line. If market stays where it is will be in “Market in Correction” by end of the day? Market is in correction as of Thu.’s close Thanks Jon. Good energy and insight!!! Totally true Wendell! thanksd John it was awesome No doubt Thanks guys!!! Great having you with us, John! It was awesome! JON is so cool We agree! Thanks, Jon Najarian !!!! Great guest appearance! how to reach Jon? live answered thanks for another great guest! Sweet! Thanks Team!! live answered

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