IBD Live QA Summary, Key Stock Lists For Monday, Feb. 22, 2021

to the entire IBD Live International Team – a magnificent Monday morning – coming to you Live from Minneapolis! GM Scott! NTNX Watch the 10-week MA; it’s had nice support at the 10-week line lately. song ? Parachute — Chris Stapleton Good morning from Maryland! GM Blaine! Good morning! Again..great music! Thnx Shuli! Bitcoin is down, Tesla is down…Ed must be LOVING THIS! 😛 He’s off today. Missing all the excitement. Guten Morgen Guten Morgen Andreas Testing the 21 day today! Absolutely Stapleton Chris Haunting music Great choice by Ali — Chris Stapleton, “Parachute” “Coffee…. Check IDBLive…. Check Life is good.” 🙂 Song – parachute Get the parachute ready! Good Morning, or will it be Mourning today? Could be both! Thanks Hap Good morning, welcome one, welcome all! Hey Ron! Good Morning IBD liVE! Nice song! I agree, Shari! Good morning. How often does “Industrial Group Ranking” gets update in Marketsmith? Daily. How can I get in touch with the IBD Live staff after the show is over? I have tried to send a message through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the IBD Live home page. It typically gets answered by someone who is not familiar with the discussion on IBD Live. I have even tried to address it to Alissa, Justin, etc. but still I get a general answer, not related to the context of the discussion. You can reach out to us on Twitter — our handles are on the FAQ page at Also please keep trying to submit here, thanks for your patience! Can you discuss FRHC? It is like FUTU and looks like it cleared a high tight flag FRHC certainly shows aspects of the high, tight flag, showed the spirit of this rare chart pattern, but overall really impressive price action. Strong rebound off the 10-week MA on earnings. Based in Kazakhstan, wow! Hat Man Dave — GM from Argentina! how much weight should we give to the Industry Group? I mean, should we avoid stocks that are forming bases or patterns because they are in not in the TOP 50 (or other number) Industry Group? It’s not a make or break factor, though we obviously like focusing on the top groups. We also like to see group improvement i.e. 120 -> 80 can be telling Has last month’s ST scorecard been posted? Yep! You can find the latest scorecards at Good morning from Chicago. Hi Peter I was supposed to see Chris and Willie last April. Stupid COVID Stupid indeed Kyle; hopefully the concerts will restart later this year. Is there anywhere on IBD that I can check out the 11 sectors and their ratings? Yes from main nav at go: stock lists -> IBD data tables I experienced 7% loss same day I bought stock. Broker says if I sell, it will result in a good faith violation. What should I do? That’s a great Q; if this is a cash account, TDAmeritrade offers liquidity-based margin even for IRA accounts so that you don’t face this issue. Cutting losses would be paramount even if you have that violation; it may result in a temporary restriction in your trading frequency, but it’s really smart to preserve your capital. Hope this helps, Hat Man Dave DKNG; if I am up only 2.5% on this stock and earnings are 2/26. Should I be out now or hold until day before earnings. How far before earnings do you sell if you don’t have a sufficient profit margin? We like to have at least 10% profit cushion; you could also consider shaving your position size to hold through the results. But if you take profits now, you can always buy back following Q4 news, Robert. Hope this helps, Hat Man Dave What to do with current position on DT? If I bought at the 48.20 pivot, I would be out on convincing break of 21-day line, currently around 50. What are your thoughts regarding POWI (new merchandise)! Good bounce off the 50-day! Purchased shls liked profit and sales A slew of analysts weighing in on SHLS this morning. Mostly positive. how to read RS line check out – we will also incorporate this into our stock analysis so keep your ears perked! 🙂 GM from Cape Cod Morning Phil. Enjoy. NVDA, FTCH, VALE – I own these SwingTrader/LB stocks and they have earnings this week. Should I sell before earnings or hold through? live answered Hi Alissa, would really appreciate if the panel can share what % of trades typically get stopped out from traditional entry points in good markets and weak markets. Tyring to understand what is the “norm” for stop outs. Thank you. live answered “Good Morning! Can we see MXL and TTD?” live answered Can you talk a bit about SPACs and IPOs? I noticed you are featuring more of them these days. Also, of ratings in general as you have moved away from the traditional standards when picking stocks (all good things I believe) live answered I want an IBD hat so I can be like Dave! Thank you Keith! You can be better than me! Let Hat Man see what he can do… IIPR forms 3 weeks tight. Any thoughts for it in cannabis sector since it didnt move as much as its peers? Personally I don’t like three-weeks-tight patterns like this. Seemed to wedge higher. And I like the high being when the pattern started, not when the pattern finished. If I wanted to send something to Scott, a perishable item, where would I send it? He will enjoy what I want to send him. Thanks Wow, that’s really nice to offer. The issue is he’s working from home, but let me reach out to him and see what he thinks. Hat Man Dave Ally mic problems? Solved MXL? live answered Good afternoon from Israel! Hi Cobi, thanks very much for joining us! Hat Man Dave What does hedged 100% mean? Check out our hedging demo at Hat Man – great job on the news – you provide wonderful perspective thank you! So nice of you to say that! Thank you! I understand aChris’s hedge. What does 100% mean? Check out our hedging demo at MXL — One of few off to a good start – 4.33% Totally. Good eye Peter! Hat Man GM IBD Live from the TX coastal plains; back to typical mid-40’s 🙂 It’ll be an interesting week. Hope the state can stabilize its energy supply! How is Chris hedged? i.e. A single inverse etf? Which one? Check out our hedging demo at Ken – thoughts on MELI? Would really like to see it form a new base. Seems to be happening now after hitting a high of 2,020 on Jan. 21. SHLS up 8% already live answered Reading about “churn” in one of O’Neill’s books. Are we in a churn market right now? “Churn is synonymous with stalling. We’ll reference it occasionally in The Big Picture when we have a stalling session. Heavy volume without price progress.” Chris-Just wondering if you discussed being fully hedged on Friday? I didn’t see the show that day Check out our hedging demo at KSS – kohls – Big gap up Nice; watch for potential resistance near 60. IBD Live Team — Over the weekend, I went through well over a 1,000 charts and there was very little quality looking charts. Lots of extended plays too? Thanks for sharing this Peter! What tools is Chris using to hedge? “Here’s a webinar he did on the topic:” Where do you find in IBD Chris Hedge Topic? How would you handle AAPL is you had a $61 basis? live answered MXL up 6% live answered Make sure to watch those leveraged funds. don’t buy when you are distracted with other problems in life. my husband had an illness and we were going to mayo, etc, scouring the net, researching. long story short – lost most of the money i was managing for my parents and much of ours. we’ve worked hard to earn back and learned how gaps in those type of funds kill portfolios. like weapons of mass destruction, too many things at once can play on your psyche big time. glad to have your show to help me recover. i wonder if there is a recovery fund for my folks. the amount of the fines the SEC collects is mind boggling! Such a great point — proceed with caution!!! Thank you for sharing, Tina. Yes, please look at VALE, thanks. live answered MXL live answered gm! any thoughts on MXL live answered How about NVDA into earnings? live answered “Good morning guys, As always I enjoy your show, keep up the great work. Do you update the existing ready / watch lists on the IBD live site? Or do you add a whole new set of lists after every show? Appreciate your feedback. Thanks, Zee” Team updates it each day after the show ends MOS please live answered nvda live answered DKNG breaking DT line Looks good…earnings Friday before the open Zoom info has earnings soon. How are you handling it. Are you lightening up? Or… We added it to Leaderboard on Feb. 1 at 49.61. We’ll probably hold through earnings with a decent profit cushion. Earnings after the close today. COMMENT PANW ? Tough hold through earnings if bought at 375.10 buy point. Not much of a profit cushion. Earnings after the close today. Ali, suggestion for you. Have the address of the LIVE faq page a the first entry in the Q&A each day. You could make it a link and people could just click on it – then you all can just refer to the first entry in the Q&A. Great idea! for those that haven’t seen it: MXL – It was recently a near pivot on MarketSmith a few days ago. I purchased it then. :-)Thanks! Nice! MXL institutional holdings? It shows Fidelity Contra 0%? Does that just mean less than 1%? Exactly. Any thoughts on AAWW? Coming up a first stage cup. AAWW is definitely showing signs of accumulation. Needs to base a little more but good one for the watch list. XPEL? Looking good to me over 58.28??? Trying to break out over trend line today. Could also wait for move over Feb. 11 high 58.50 CRSR showing strength this morning. See any news? Haven’t seen any news. Still trying to wrap my head around CRSR’s weekly chart. So volatile. NIO? Need to see a bounce off 50-day line. Not happening yet. could you comment on LMND? is it consolidating Yes it is. Holding support so far at 50-day moving average (daily chart) but below 10-week line on weekly chart. GM, Maxlinear MXL is pushing up today. Is this a good place to take a position or is it extended? 5% buy zone from 38.81 buy point goes up to 40.75. Can we talk about the extraordinary and unprecedented volatility we just saw across the crypto space?! Extraordinary and unprecedented euphoria. Seeing it in bitcoin, SPACs and some IPOs. The main reason to be cautious on the overall market. Morning all, how do you guys avoid wash sales. I’ve burned myself a few times by re-buying a stock I took a loss on in the last 30 days. For now just keeping a list on my desk of recent losers Yeah, David, Hat Man here. Sometimes I just bite the bullet and re-buy because I don’t want to lose the opportunity if the 2nd or 3rd breakout is real. You might want to think about it as the “cost of doing business.” Also, you may want to check your frequency of trading, perhaps be more selective in your trades? Hope this helps, David Hat Man DXCM is building the right side of its base, may want to keep on a watch list I certainly am, Hat Man II. Hat Man MGNI tech stock positive on day Hi John, nice action indeed; extended but I like how it’s got that really big cushion above the 21- and 50-day MAs. Hat Man Dave Why RIO and not VALE RIO is coming off excellent results, Thomas, good point. Nice gap-up around its Q4 news. This may be related to VALE, but Brazil stocks getting hammered this morning. ILF and EWZ are down a lot. Whats up with CELH up 12%? live answered Chris, thanks for taking time to walk through this screening example; very helpful. live answered How did you get to customize column layout live answered great help on the screen page. thank you!! live answered Thank you!! Finally learned how to set up my own screen!! live answered excelent screen tutorial. Thanks guys. live answered The Screen set up was very helpful live answered Yessss that was awesome! live answered Thanks that was a great review of setting up charts, put that section as a short webinar! live answered The MarketSmith screen setup tutorial was great – I’m going to re-watch that tonight. Thanks! live answered great explanation over the screening Thank you You got it Ali Screen building demo was excellent. Awesome Great to go thru that screen process — thanks! U got it That review of how to set screens was FANTASTIC! Thanks Glad to hear! Alissa, is the search Chris just did on the FAC sheet? I will clip out this segment of the show and add to the FAQ page Celh will be splitting 2 for 1 Wow, that’s rare these days Where do i find Swing Trader watch list? We have a link at Thank you Chris for the Marketsmith screening discussion! You made the process much less intimidating for me 🙂 Great! On CELH why would it be thin with over 1 mil vol? 1 mil shares is def nice, Tamara, but we also want to see average dollar turnover (average number of shares x share price) Please look at FLR and PLTR PLTR certainly trying to build a base. A rebound back to the 50-day MA is encouraging. Looks like a new base building in FLR after a solid, albeit volatile, move past 15.07 in a cup with handle in Nov. NK at $43! Very nice move indeed. All-time highs too. NCLH is up about 9% today Coming back! Where is the ST watchlist? At Pls go to “Learn” in the main navigation bar and you’ll see it under “Swing Trading” Please update on SHLS live answered Mkts have dropped again!! live answered What is the 50 day average dollar volume ? What does that mean? Simply average share volume x the stock price. We like to highlight companies with a minimum $25 mil in average dollar volume. But you’ll often see companies on Leaderboard, SwingTrader with $100 mil, $500 mil, $1 bil in average dollar volume. Good thoughts, thanks David Appreciate it Great, great discussion. Never know when conversation will turn to something great—even on an off day. Good stuff. So understanding and helpful. You all are great. No ego, little arrogance, just helpful. Great to hear it, Richter! celh? live answered How you determine DIS future growth with current data in MarketSmith? The estimate for 2022 is 159% in the weekly data block. QFIN? When did it fall off IBDs radar? Did I miss it? Just far extended. Getting support at the 10-day. Irusha, When you say you are buying, are you buying the stock, the calls, or a combination of both? I’m buying the stock. not options. DR-D-GOOD MORNING TO ALL. Hi Dr D! When will the copy list begining working to MarketSmith list. Your customer service guy says software is buggie. Won’t be fixed for 4 to weeks according Nick. It’s working for me. If you copy tickers from a spreadsheet, go to a stock, click anywhere in the white area (except the ticker symbol column) and hit Ctrl-V What is traditional buy point? Check out for a list of all the chart patterns we use 🙂 Can you please look at the gambling stocks (PENN, DKNG) live answered I see questions a lot about pasting the Ready or Watch list from the website into MarketSmith a lot. Sometimes when you copy it it still will not paste with CRTL+V properly. What I have found that works 100% of the time if it will not paste correctly paste it into notepad then copy it from notepad and paste it into MarketSmith. Always works fine this way. That is good to hear. I have found the same that even in Excel I need to paste the tickers as text and then recopy and paste into MS. BEKE has earnings tonight My mistake for not pointing that out. Options are a little pricey but an option. Aren’t ZM earnings 3/1/21 after market? Correct. Leaderboard stock ZoomInfo (ZI) reports after the close today. DKNG has actually outperformed PENN live answered wait, wait… McDonalds and Starbucks please Nice to see MCD forming a saucer, trying to set up; SBUX doing nothing wrong after a breakout in November, but also forming a new base. Hat Man Dave is that the 21ema or 21dma you are using with these charts? exponential Interesting that no comments on financials that continue to move higher even on this down day We talked about WFC, JPM last week! Chris, in regards to getting stopped out. Did you mention on a previous show that if a stock falls 3 1/2% from the pivot the odds of failure are high? That goes back to research I did more than a decade ago. I found that I would have almost no shakeouts if I sized my breakouts from 10-week moving average. Do you generally use the weekly or monthly chart to draw an RS trendline? for long-term leaders, monthly Your mindset and temperament has been spot on. Congratulations and thank you. live answered I think you have been to Giddy on stocks and not enough chicken little. We always talk about having a line in the sand, many stocks we highlight as actionable we say we’re not acting on due to market conditions IBD LIVE TEAM and Black OPS – Tremendous Show — Great job today! Thank you for all your expertise!!!! Thanks so much! FOR OPTION TRADING WHAT THE % LOSS, WHEN U SHOULD GET OUT? Never let your losses get out of hand, whether with options or stock trades

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