IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good morning. GM Taher. Good morning to all! Hi Blaine! Righteous tune Dave !! Chris and Justin have been killing it on Swingtrader !! Thank you very much !!! I agree, had to go w/ Indigo Girls today, Pat! Closer to Fine! Emily Saliers’ birthday last week. Thanks much for the comment. Totally agree about SwingTrader! Hello. Hi John Great song to start the morning 🙂 Cheers, Tom, thanks for joining us! Great song! Good morning team Thanks Aziz, GM to you! Had to shazam this one for the ticker of the day. FINE Indigo Girls! Won the best contemporary folk song in 1989. “good morning every one; would you please let us know of any breaking gap that leads to more upside after 5 minutes this week please” Hey Giti! Big week for earnings, so looking at potential earnings gaps will definitely be one of our focuses 🙂 Good morning all. Indigo Girls…great choice! GM Tom! Glad you liked it! Good Morniiiing IBD Liiive! Lets’ Charge! Hey Shane! Let’s do!!! Good morning all from Dallas!! GM John! chris your camera must be smudged… you and only you are blurry. Thank you. How does it look now? GM everyone! I see HatMan looking sharp again, “TieMan” we can call him now, lol. Ha ha ha! Thanks Steve! GM back to you! Tie feels a bit tight today… I’m hanging in there! Good morning gang – how is InMode looking here? Fhx live answered Mornin’ IBD Live Team! From all the way down the street in Westminster, CA. 🙂 Just a hop skip and a jump away from me! good morning! is the Barrons link new or did i just finally open eyes to it? Hey SE! Which Barron’s link are you referring to? Thoughts on INMD and SHOP earnings tomorrow? live answered Good morning guys Good morning Steven! Just letting you know, I’m looking into that hat request… buying at pivot point exactly after pulback and wating for a followthrough day often menas more than 5% above pivot. What is the answer? Sinclair Cox Follow-through days are something we look at for the major indexes amid changing market conditions, not individual stocks. Typically, when you’re buying the first pullback to the 50-day/10-week line after a breakout from a proper base, that
likely would be more than 5% above the previous buy point. For pullbacks, you want to buy as close to the moving average as possible. For breakouts, no more than 5% above the pivot (and the closer to the buy point/prior resistance level
the better) Can we look at IBD 50 IPO AVTR? Earning coming up this week Sure will! How much consideration do you consider your tax liability We consider it a cost of doing business, essentially Chris – Just booked a trip to Alaska for September – any fishing recomendations? Never been. But my friends and I have talked about a salmon and halibut trip for years. Which has more weight in a stock sales or earnings ? We like to see both. However, our research shows that over the few years we’ve seen stocks with strong sales growth and no profits make notable moves, leading us to recognize Wall St. is rewarding strong sales growth Where do I find Justin’s Industry Group spreadsheet? Couldn’t find it. Thx! Hey Mike! We added it to the FAQ page yesterday, Look for the heading that says “Weekly Industry Group Analysis” just above the listing of July guests. how to register for the ipo webinar? Ryan: when you bought PKI prior to earnings, what kind of research/due diligence you did to have conviction prior to earnings? live answered Kyle Bass on CNBC this am said to avoid all Chinese stocks Well, he’s never been a fan. But it’s probably good advice right now! chris camera is better – thanks Glad to hear Good Morning! Hi Narayanan Wow, MSCI. It was on my radar for today and just exploded pre market here. MSCI, a Long-Term Leader, has been on a tear. Nice breakout past 495.26 in that base on base, eh Shane? GM from Cape Cod…Nice beach day yesterday ended it with blueberry Margharitas Check you out!! Nice!! Missed David Ryan’s stock(s), tickers pls? PKI and HRI Where can I find Justin’s chart of groups moving over the last week and 3 weeks? Should be on the FAQ page. Ali said she posted it yesterday. GM from TX! Hi Jim! Last week, Hat Man said he liked CRWD, but didn’t really elaborate. I’m interested in his and others take. live answered Can we discuss how everyone handles wash sales? For instance, I got shaken out of SHOP and ROKU lately but wasn’t sure whether to get back in due to wash sale. I don’t pay attention to them. I would hate to miss a big gain in order to capture the tax benefit of a small loss. FFIV I had 196.80 live answered ‘@Ed, great article on Chinese Stocks on IBD yesterday. Thanks! with durable goods down and housing prices up, are we entering stagflation? Let’s watch to see if the market signals this. We could argue housing prices have been going up for years, and the economy and market have discounted this. Great Q, Rich. I guess I’m going to have to learn to lip read. Ha ha, funny! Thanks Victor When is MarketSmith scheduled to get Candlestick support? Wish I knew the timeline! so chris would you recommend an SQQQ position? My TQQQ position is hedged but my individual stocks are not. Good Morning review KARO please The base is certainly developing; it has elements of a double bottom, so to me 41.30 is one legitimate entry point. Hatman Dave — it was on ibd home page top right corner next to ibd 50 i hadnt noticed it before =thanks alli Ah yes, those are on the new side! 🙂 how does Chris handle buying and selling TQQQ..particularly as it is stretching and extending; thanks I hedging it right now. I want to lock in the big gains from last week. If we go sideways for a few days I will reduce it. SE selling off with China names. Market down and some highly valued growth falling more. On MarketSmith chart here can I see the valuations of stocks, i.e. over or under valued? Thanks! We do have P/E ratio but it’s not something we weigh as super important in our analysis. Wall Street analysts aren’t always right about a stock’s value! XPEL tanking again today.. Round trip its gains live answered How do I get this chart and all the stock names? Hi Lola! That was thinkorswim from TDAmeritrade. The stock names are from our ready list and watch list, which are updated daily and made available to the IBD Live audience. We have detailed instructions for how to find the lists over at
🙂 PINS miving nicely out of the open live answered I like Hatman – think and swim screen dashboard We do like the TOS platform! Thanks Anish, welcome to our show! XPEL dropping hard early this AM on volume Big test of the 50-day MA taking place today, Wayne. Hope you’re doing well! Hatman Thank you Ali have nice day Any time, you too! Is there something wrong woth MarketSmith this am? I’m not having any problems on my end — what issue do you have? PINS is on the move from being down about 1% early on live answered DXC has negative E and S, why would it be a candidate? Turnaround play — forward-looking estimates are compelling. DSC talking about this now AMD live answered TTD – is it safe to take a position? :-). Looks like it found support at its 10 week line. Google’s delay in getting rid of cookies has also been a catalyst. live answered SNAP? Nice to see it hold the low of the gap-up day (for now at least). Maybe it’ll form a shelf here? INMD earnings tomorrow and has been declining quietly the last few days. How would you handle if current position profit is less than 10%? live answered confused by discussing DXC. No growth and doesn’t meet CANSLIM. Why are they buying it????? Turnaround play — forward-looking estimates are compelling. DSC talking about this now XPEL — Struggling early — -4.92% — Vol — +917% Tough morning indeed for XPEL, Peter would you have a look at XPEL live answered Does the insider buying indicate anything to you for DXC? Definitely. Usually you see insider selling. That execs are buying is a good sign. DXC are u not worries about earnings? Turnaround play — forward-looking estimates are compelling ttd strong live answered any news on SE? why the big drop live answered what if you added to INMD off the 21 EMA? Assess your profit cushion to help you make your decision! What happened to XPEL????? Any news? live answered What’s up with XPEL this morning? Plunge! Got in yesterday. live answered INMD pre-announced earnings a few weeks ago That’s right! And Inmode (INMD) already made a pre-announcement or at least offered guidance on July 12, to about $1.00 per share in earnings for this quarter. Great point, Kevin; market has certainly responded bullishly, we agree with you. TTD last weeks gap has held. Higher today on heavy volume live answered any thought on XPEL dropping this morning? live answered Can you discuss GNRC live answered should I sell spot? It’s been a laggard for quite a while — RS rating of 9 which is very poor. It’s not on our radar at this time. Morning all. I missed the start of show… what does Chris think of the overall market? Looming correction? Moving to cash? OR all in and ready to buy? I hedged Friday afternoon to lock in the week’s strong gains. I don’t think the market is rolling over but just needs to consolidate. what caused xpel to drop like it did? We don’t see any news, Jerry, but wondering if the TSLA drop is an influence? Xpel just announced it will report Q2 results on 8/9 early. CRWD almost looks like it’s building a little reverse head and shoulders on the daily. It seems like it wants to squat again at the buy zone here. Hmmm? live answered DOCS down today Four up-days in a row, with two % gains in the high-single digits. Plus, we’ve noted how IPO stocks are volatile around breakouts and in general. Smaller position sizes and earlier entries have been our focus RVLV? live answered Ali: Thanks for showing me how to get the Ready and Watch lists Great!! 🙂 Happy to help FDX having a rough morning. Not extended ;0). Is this on the watch? Today’s heavy volume gap-down not good. Let’s see if it can hold the 200-day/280 price level. We’d want to see it get back above the 50-day to consider it. Plenty of other interesting stocks out there right now IWM — -1.16% continuing its struggle. Let’s keep watching it! would be good to hear ur views on FOXF live answered Can David talk about MRNA? It felt climatic but still hanging it a time for a base or a brief pause before another rip higher? How does he see it? Might be good to compare it w/ past well-known climax runs? DOCS just suddenly dropped -8% IPOs have been so volatile around traditional buy points. Is PKI too extended now? Yes, unfortunately it is! Ken- you were right about the wide and loose nature of DOCS.. 32% is a bit deep compared to the calmness of INTA 13% live answered Short interest on PKI (6.2) seems on the high side. Could this also provide more confidence in buying this stock with so much short? That does sound quite high, good point Michael. Are you buying PKI at this point? It’s def extended at this point; perhaps wait for a 1st pullback to the 10-week MA from here on? SQQQ hedge just triggered for me, can Chris review as possible valid trade here. I’m in, but curious if he sees same low risk trade here as market appears tired I like to hedge when I’m feeling great but then notice is getting extended. That’s why I hedged on Friday. But you can hedge anytime to instantly want to reduce your exposure. BNTX Looks like a hold at these levels. Too extended for a new buy. See how it trades headed into earnings and can decide if you want to lock in some profits I’d personally like to thank you guys and specially David Ryan, I purchased PKI at 158 on 7/22 using his updays count strategy, it showed up on my screens multiple times before I purchased it Way to go, Carlos!! In light of the PKI comments, it would be nice if MS or IBD could have the number of up days in the last 10 as a metric. Great suggestion, Lewis DOCS is 10% down live answered oil & gas exploration was up yesterday; down hard today. DEN and CPE under a lot of selling pressure. Yes, great observation! Both triggered a major sell signal the week of 7/16 and have yet to retake their 10-week lines… we’ll have to see how earnings shake out next week. PKI – There are a lot of red bars with above average volume on the left compared to the blue up days (although many but in lower volume). Would be good to get David Ryan’s thoughts on this. Since late March, weekly volume is overwhelmingly blue Good Morning! Could you please technically analyze MRNA and BNTX. Both companies will benefit with restrictions on certain businesses opening up again. Both companies have technologies that are going to be beneficial going forward and their
earnings look good going forward. live answered DOCS, reversing sharply lower today. Would you be able to discuss? live answered “would you please review UPS, it’s down 9%? Bob” Reall ugly move. While UPS beat headline EPS/revenue, it appears that U.S. sales were a little light, while margin guidance disappointed. SC is a Sub Prime Auto Financer, and because of the uptick in auto sales is doing well Great point, thanks Jim why is the market tanking now? Don’t know. But growth stocks hit hard. UPS may be weighing on transports. Tesla has reversed lower. Markets also awaiting massive earnings overnight and the Fed Wed. afternoon. Hello. Where can I find the schedule for IBD in-person events in my area? Hi Filippo! Here you go: Whats up with DOCS? Down 10% I don’t think there’s news. IPOs often very volatile right around traditional buy points. Growth stocks also coming under pressure. So this DOCS reaction isn’t shocking, just disappointing. Sales growth on IBN bother anyone? I’d like stronger revenue growth, too. ASAN looking weak. Any thoughts? Growth names are struggling today. ASAN pulling back to short consolidation. HatMan: I appreciate your style. MS tip: you likely know this but it saves a second and is more pleasing presentation to us if you click anywhere on the MS chart, the ticker box will highlight and you can just type. No need to click and drag
inside the ticker box, then type. Ali does it this way, and it’s much smoother, faster. Keep up the great show and thorough comments. You’re right, Mike, thanks! any thoughts on ZM coming down to 10 week ma It’s a laggard right now — RS rating of 44 out of 99. We’re focusing on others in the software sector like ZS, CRWD, DOCU, SHOP, etc. ADRs typically GAP – a lot! Speaking of gaps, I heard that gaps fill 80% of the time. Is that IBD’s experience? The reasoning for the gaps is different on ADRs. They are trading in their home exchange and so the gap is just an adjustment to that trading. Does anyone one know what’s going on with BILL today? Down 4.12 so far? Is this the market or is there some news? Look around – a lot of growth stocks down today. Doximity was down 12%. Comments? live answered Alissa, is there a current watchlist I can view? Hi Timothy, here’s yesterday’s list: SKYT down 37% SKYT guided lower on revenue this morning – sequential decline. where can I find a list of IBD long-term leaders? I see this, but not a list: Hi Holly! Here you go (from main navigation, hover over stock lists and click on IBD Long-Term Leaders) : CDC to announce revised mask guidelines at 3EST Yes – looks like it’ll back indoor masks even for vaccinated folks in high-transmission areas. WIth this kind of up and down days going on, how could one be confident of buying any stock? Ready List, watch list – both are bleeding red. We always say the ready list doesn’t necessarily mean ready to buy — it’s stocks that are at OR near proper buy points. But it’s important to analyze the charts AND overall market conditions first. We noted in yesterday’s show and at the end
of last week how QQQ was getting extended again. We have not said now is a time to be getting aggressive Nice to see you discussing the Ready List. The RL is a great feature of IBD Live. Lots of thought and work goes into maintaining that list but is doesn’t get featured as much as it deserves. (Poll us to find out how many people use it.) Consider
making it a daily feature on IBD Live so we subscribers understand it better. Point out changes in the RL. Point out why certain stocks are on the list. Which ones fell off and why? Which one recently added? Which ones broke out? Etc. Great feedback, Dennis. I agree we should highlight the lists more often. Would be a good poll Q too! Thank you. Basically new to this so just trying to learn Welcome!! 🙂 I recommend checking out for a lot of great info about our strategies and the show Notice POOL is holding Acting well. Covid concerns probably are a plus – spending money on your pool, not a trip to Disneyland… Swingtrader seems to have had 7-10 roundtrip trades a month, at least the last couple months SwingTrader is expected to have a lot of short-term trades. We should look at more materials like FCX FCX bounced on earnings, then copper’s 4% jump Monday. Diversified Vale, Rio are Wed. I appreciate the help, thank you! Of course, any time! Just to let you guys know I copy the IBDL Ready List into my charting app often & look for opportunities. Good list & part of my routine. 🏆 Glad to hear it, Dr. Dave! I like Dennis’ idea of discussing the Ready List! Awesome, thanks Shari! ‘@ Dennis and Ali. I’d like to throw in my support there too. The watch and ready is my main fishing hole. Very grateful to you guy’s for curating it for us. Cool, thank you Shane! One of my stocks up today is WM. Reported earnings beat. In the pivot area. What do you think of this one? I think David Ryan had mentioned it several weeks ago or so. Nice! Good acceleration in EPS/sales growth. I’m wary of anything more than a couple pct points above the buy pt., but looking solid. On the moving averages – whats the preference? Volume weighted, simple, Exp? Check out for info on all the moving averages we use! What are the 4 stages? Reviewing now 🙂 Too late to short China? YANG Looks like Friday, or even yesterday, would’ve been the ideal time(s) to get in is TAL affected by recent China gvt restrictions on education companies not being for profit? Definitely getting hit on that news Ali – In the EPS area, I see different annotations/acronyms. Do we have a link to know what those acronyms mean? Acronyms like IPO, SPO etc. Though I know what IPO and SPO mean, I don’t know most of the rest. Thanks. In the lower left corner of MarketSmith, click on Chart Legend link. Hover over the acronym on the chart and you’ll see the whole list. Hope that helps. where can i find about lifecycle of stock discussed by David Ryan We are working on creating a mini library with video clips of the four stages! Stay tuned. thanks ali you r the best Happy to help! Good morning everyone. Just feedback. A great insight from David Ryan on reading the charts. Thank you for sharing such insight. Very helpful. Have a nice day, Ziad Thank you for the feedback, Ziad! Please have David Ryan illustrate exactly what he means by wedging. We have a video clip from a past episode where he explains this concept over at Does David Ryan have a book out? I love the way he teaches. He always recommends Bill O’Neil’s How To Make Money In Stocks. There’s also this: Momentum Masters: A Roundtable Interview with Super Traders Chris: Would you have been buying on the first IBKR trip to the 50 day? No. I had a terrible experience with this company and will never touch the stock. For our IBD Live brothers and sisters wanting to learn more about David Ryan’s incredible lessons on the life cycle of a stock check out Mark Minervini’s “Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard” Chapter 3 – (Trading with the Trend) – Stage 1. Neglect Phase: Consolidation, Stage 2: – Advancing Phase: Accumulation, Stage 3: Topping Phase: Distribution, Stage 4: Declining Phase: Capitulation. 🙂 Definitely — thanks for sharing this with the group, Shane! is it significant that you have removed many swing trader stocks We are locking in profits and cannot find new stocks to replace them. Which often happens when the market is ready to pull back. What the the dates that DR talked about the other stages? The prior three Tuesdays. We are cutting clips of these and will add to the FAQ page in the coming days. Stay tuned! Do we have a link on FAQ for David Ryan’s 4 stages of a stock? Hi! We are cutting clips of these from the past few weeks and will add to the FAQ page in the coming days. Stay tuned! What episode did David discuss the other 3 stages? The prior three Tuesdays. We are cutting clips of these and will add to the FAQ page in the coming days. Stay tuned! What does Chris mean by hedging his TQQQ position? reducing it by selling? Buying puts? Shorting Nasdaq futures. Very easy to size your hedge on ThinkOrSwim. Check out the hedging video on the IBD Live FAQ. is SE dropping due to Chinese stock situation? Possibly, but market selling off, led by growth names overall. Ali – it would be so nice to put Daid R’s 4 stages discussion in one video and publish. They are all at least ~10-20 minutes in length so we’ll be publishing them separately, but will group them together on the FAQ page 🙂 Thx Ali… have read Bill’s book. It’s great, feel like there are so many nuances on how to be in current market. Can always learn more. Agreed! Ali – – so glad you are adding clips of David’s and other pithy presentations like stages 1,2,3,4 Good thinking. Many Thanks!!! Steve Of course – it’s great info and we want everyone to have easy access to these lessons! What was the conclusion on CRWD? Went so fast, I’ve got a small profit in it. Looks like a hold here — let’s see if it can maintain support at the 21-day line, and at the very least, the 250 price level “Question to CHRIS: Please look at FIGS and do you still own it?” I still have my original purchase but it looks like it completely round-tripping the breakout. I may have to sell those last shares. could please look into DOCU. Why its so down today? Growth getting hit today. Has made a huge move, and still above its 10-day line. Volume lighter than average as of now so doesn’t seem worrisome at this moment I haven’t missed a single day of IBD Live sessions for the past 2 months. I haven’t made big money but I have learnt lot and still long way to go. IBD live has immensely helped me cut down losses, otherwise I would have list 5x more. Great
Team! Thanks to all of you. Great to hear. Thank you! David Ryan, can you give an example of a stock that is acting well in today’s sell off that you would add to please? live answered BNTX too please live answered BNTX potential cure for cancer, what will be do? live answered Good morning, what does the team think about BNTX? Thanks live answered SMH not looking good Giants INTC and TSM aren’t helping – but they haven’t been leading. Chip gear makers down – ENTG falls on earnings with TER tonight. AMD not doing too bad, but it’s down before earnings. MPWR also on tap. FIGS at IPO base price now. Is it a good entry now? Stock looks very weak. We would not be making a new buy at these levels, esp. when a stock gives back a huge gain like that Before we go for the day, will today’s IPO webinar be recorded? Yes! It will. You can check out our archived webinars by scrolling down to the bottom of did we do tesla? I think briefly. Fighting for support around 200-day and 50-day line. Earnings strong, some as the product guidance (Semi, CT, 4680 batteries not this year) may have disappointed along with growth stock sell off. HATMAN – IWM breaking down – with QQQs & SPYs following – should we be raising more cash??? last week you were 80% plus long. What would make your team to change rating to “Market in Correction” Thanks Thanks for the great Q; since it’s earnings season now, I am trying to be a little more cautious and a little more nimble, so yes, I’m raising cash today to cut losses, salvage some profits in my newest buys. Hatman Dave What is your analysis of PAYC? 50d going down & earnings coming up. Nice to see Paycom retake that 50-day line a month back and keep rising. Looks like a big move past 400 would reveal more progress in base-building. MRNA is like Syntex man; I wish I could compare this chart to O’Neil’s Syntex back in the sixties That’s a good suggestion Thank you Davids! Ha! You’re very welcome! Can we look at AVTR? Hope we get to it Thank you Chris for the big picture. That’s what we’re here for! Thanks for discussing TTD! Much appreciated! U got it! BOOT up several days in a row Clearly a leader in 2021! So honored to be here and learn from you, coaches. Thank you for another great morning! We’re honored to have a big and loyal audience interacting on this show. Thank you!! Great job reviewing actionable stocks at the end. Thanks. Glad to hear it! Good job today Hat Man! Thank you much! Great session. Cheers!

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