ETH-USDT classic head and shoulders H&S for BINANCE:ETHUSDT by jazerbay

Hello,😃🖐 this idea is just for fun 🥳 don’t mind me and my strange drawing 😆🕷🕷

IMO, this looks like it could be a classic 🧐🤵head and shoulders playout!! 🕷🕷

ETH-USDT has been performing very well👏👍 during BTC’s ⏬ 🐻down trend/bear market.

Immutable-X ❌, just came out earlier this month, which means ETH has a lot less tasks✔👌 to perform overall😃. This would make ETH desirable🤩💲💲, do to lower transaction costs in the form of gas. Immutable-X has the scalability to protect☂🌧 ETH until ETH 2.0 comes out in the near future 🤔🕑🕙💭(we are not sure of an exact date.)

Ethereum currently runs many liquidity pools💲💱🔷🌊 (holders can earn🤞 various tokens by investing in said pools)

Many Decentralized applications 🌏🖥📳🕹🎮(Dapps) are run🏃‍♀️ on ETH.

As mentioned, I am clearly bullish 🐮 on ETH, and will be waiting to see if we can get a nice dip🤸‍♂️🔽, followed by a huge upswing⤴⬆⬆ to make a picture perfect📷🌄 head and shoulders🕷😅😄🤩!

🛑🛑🛑 This is not financial advice 🛑🛑🛑

ETH is EXTREMELY volatile, more-so than BTC , if you are investing large amounts please keep a proper stop loss ✋🛑💲⏬

Any questions 🙋‍♂️❓, thoughts 🤔💭, like👍, dislike👎, always welcome in comments below🔽

Thank you

Jazerbay ☯

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