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Friday, 28 May 2021
19:03 PM (WIB)

Until 2 March 2020 the price of USOIL fall in to so deep until there was no values at all $0. Why this could be happen on global world trading? It is polluted, but the technology just not there to replace this energy resource . Fossil Fuels and Natural Gas still very valuable as the energy for every aspect of life. There is Solar Power technology that could be use to replace Fossils Fuels as main power, but what kind of energy could be replace Natural Gas? The technology still not there.

Having company to operates and produces Fossil Fuels is not cheap. Are they trying to kill this Industry? Rockets and Spaceships still need Fossil Fuels and Natural Gas as their main resource energy. Middle East must be aware on this, and sure they produces the resource with limited edition. While the demand for Oils and Gas start increasing after One year of pandemic. They need Oils and Gas to operates their business. While, the companies drill still shocked with the last year price for Fossil Fuels to be at $0. So I assure with this, the Fossil Fuels and Gas has a limited production, while the demands for these resource increasing in global world. They hold production until the price to be respective with this kind of energy resource .

How in the world the price for Fossil Fuels became $0 last year?

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