Before the Porsche Cayenne, There Was the Concept 989 | MotorBiscuit

The new 2022 Porsche Cayenne GT is the talk of the town. And while the 2002 Cayenne became the first four-door Porsche, there was another car that almost came out first. Based on the 900 platform, the 989 is the closest Porsche ever came to making a four-door 911.

Porsche 989 | Porsche

The 989 was Porsche’s ticket into the luxury market

First conjured up in 1988, the 898 was Porsche’s answer to the expanding luxury performance market. It’d be a thoroughbred sports car with seating for four and plenty of comfort features. On top of that, it was poised to be the automaker’s very first four-door, allowing the company to break into the passenger car market.

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