Car Insurance in Abilene, Texas: Everything You Need to Know

Drivers in Abilene, Texas, pay relatively low rates for auto coverage. When shopping for car insurance in Abilene, Texas, consider these factors to find a company that fits your needs with premiums that fit your budget.

Average Cost of Abilene, Texas, Auto Insurance

According to insurance website The Zebra, drivers who live in Abilene, Texas, pay an average auto insurance premium of $1294 a year, significantly less than both the national average of $1548 per year and the Texas state average of $1415 per year.

Finance website Bankrate reports an average insurance premium of $443 per year for minimum coverage in Abilene. The average increases to $1646 for drivers who want full coverage, which includes required liability as well as optional comprehensive and collision insurance, according to Bankrate.

Research by insurance website Value Penguin indicates that the average monthly auto insurance cost for Texas drivers ranges from $44 to $153 a month depending on the insurer, the driver’s history, and many other factors.

Most Affordable Auto Insurance Zip Codes in Abilene

Auto insurance premiums vary based on where exactly in Abilene the driver parks his or her car each night. According to the website Wirefly, you can access the lowest average auto insurance rates in the city if you live in the following zip codes:

  • 79601.
  • 79602.
  • 79603.
  • 79604.
  • 79605.
  • 79606.
  • 79608.
  • 79697.
  • 79698.
  • 79699.

    Best Auto Insurance Companies for Abilene Drivers

    The Zebra reports these average annual policy prices by Abilene insurance providers:

    • Allstate: $2274.
    • Geico: $1132.
    • State Farm: $1111.
    • USAA: $1060 (available only for current and former members of the military and their families).

      These insurance companies have the highest customer satisfaction scores from J.D. Power and Associates:

      • USAA: 878 out of 1000, with average premiums of $324 per month and $1127 per year.
      • Geico: 846 out of 1000, with average premiums of $336 per month and $1241 per year.
      • State Farm: 844 out of 1000, with average premiums of $454 per month and $1235 per year.
      • Allstate: 832 out of 1000, with average premiums of $447 per month and $1567 per year.

        Although Geico has limited policy options compared to those offered by other Abilene insurance companies, they also have generous discounts. You’ll find savings for federal workers, members of the military, prepaying the full amount of your policy, maintaining a safe driving record, earning good grades in high school or college, serving an emergency deployment, and many other discount programs.

        State Farm is a good choice for families with several drivers since they have separate safe driving discounts for motorists younger than 25 and those in older age brackets. Other State Farm discounts include savings for completing a driver education course, remaining free of accidents and claims, and bundling more than one type of insurance policy (home and auto, for example).

        Abilene drivers who qualify for USAA coverage will enjoy excellent customer service, good coverage options, and even better discounts. There are even military-specific savings, like a 15 percent discount on comprehensive coverage if you store your vehicle on base during deployment.

        Allstate is a popular choice for drivers in Texas and across the nation. Take advantage of affordable policies and extensive coverage selections including options such as rental car reimbursement, rideshare insurance, and sound system insurance. They also offer a safe driver rewards program that can result in discounts of up to 40 percent, along with savings for keeping good grades, adding a new vehicle, and enrolling in automatic payments.

        Value Penguin reports that State Farm offers the most affordable annual minimum liability rates of $527 for Texas drivers, 43 percent lower than the statewide average. Fred Loya Insurance, a small company, also provides affordable rates, followed by Dairyland, Chubb, and Nationwide.

        Auto Insurance Cost by Age in Abilene

        The Zebra has analyzed insurance premiums for Abilene drivers across various age groups. They found these average annual rates:

        • Adolescents: $3205.
        • 20s: $1683.
        • 30s: $1274.
        • 40s: $1240.
        • 50s: $1112.
        • 60s: $1140.
        • 70s: $1376.

          Auto Insurance Costs in Abilene After a Violation or Claim

          The Zebra reports that drivers in Abilene pay an average of $1402 for annual car insurance after a speeding ticket. Premiums range from $1621 to $1924 after an at-fault accident depending on the amount of damage. Drivers with a history of reckless driving pay an average of $1952, which increases to $1970 for motorists who have a past arrest for driving under the influence.

          Required Abilene, Texas, Auto Insurance

          Drivers who live in Texas must carry minimum liability coverage as required by the state. This includes $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident for bodily injury liability as well as $25,000 in property damage liability per accident.

          Many motorists decide to purchase higher levels of liability coverage. These policies cover the costs of property damage and injury incurred by others after an at-fault accident by the policyholder. In this situation, the injured parties can sue you if you do not have enough insurance to cover their expenses.

          For insurance that will cover your costs after an accident, you need a full coverage policy. Comprehensive and collision insurance coverage pays for auto repair and replacement. Your lender or finance company likely requires you to have this type of policy if you lease or finance your vehicle.

          Shopping around is the best way to save money on auto insurance in Abilene, Texas. Auto insurance companies use different pricing models, so prices vary dramatically for drivers with different histories, characteristics, and needs. For example, drivers who have good credit often pay less than drivers who have lower credit scores.

          Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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