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Car shopping for a teenager is hard. Thankfully, you’re spoiled for choice despite how difficult the task can be. However, there are some vehicles that are absolutely the worst car you can buy your teen. They’re loud, impractical, and expensive to maintain. Ideally, you’ll want a car for your teen that is the exact opposite of those things. Frankly, that’s exactly what you should be looking for. Unfortunately, however, these vehicles are not smart choices if you want a great car for your kids.

The Mclaren 720s is a terrible car for your teen

Mclaren 720s | Mclaren

You can’t argue with a Mclaren. Well, except for right now. The British brand is one of the most storied in automotive history, and the new Mclaren 720s is objectively a fantastic car. Just maybe not for a teenager. Presently, Mclaren says that the 720s is capable of 0-60 MPH in a stunning 2.8 seconds. Honestly, that just isn’t something a 16-year-old driver needs. What a teen does need is a car with a big trunk, which the Mclaren does not have. However, it has to be said, your teen will certainly never be late for school again.

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