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When shopping for minivans, most families look for reliability, affordability, space, and safety features. Typically, they don’t look for a supercharged engine, manual transmission, or spaceship-like interior. But for those who sought those features two decades ago, Toyota made an odd minivan in the 1990s that checked all of those boxes. Exploring the Toyota Previa is a weird and wild ride, and it’s enough to make anyone miss the ’90s, even those who never lived through them. 

The Toyota Previa: 1991-1997

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The Previa is a minivan Toyota manufactured in the United States from 1991 to 1997. It sports a signature oblong shape that makes it easy to spot, though it’s rare to see out and about these days. Sadly, not many of these family haulers are as well-preserved as they deserve. 

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