Watch: Louisiana Teenager Arrested For Doing Donuts: People Outraged | MotorBiscuit

When you watch the surveillance video of the teenager doing donuts in a Louisiana intersection in his Camaro, you’re left with a certain impression. You see that, while surely illegal, it wasn’t violent, no traffic was involved, and no harm was done. It was as benign as doing donuts in an empty intersection can be. So why was this teen with his 1999 Camaro having some fun, arrested?

Does doing donuts demand an arrest?

Louisiana teen doing donuts | Facebook

With everything going on in the country, why did doing donuts warrant an arrest? We don’t want to lead you. But look, it’s 2021. There is a lot of crime going on that warrants arrest. And that is what we expect from our police. It keeps things squeaky clean and keeps us all safe. 

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