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A nice set of aftermarket wheels can be a game-changer. It’s one of the most popular modifications out there for a reason, after all. A nice set of wheels can boast a lot of benefits. Usually, they’re more durable than the factory wheels you’ll find on your run-of-the-mill used car, not only because they’re newer, but because they are built for track rats and enthusiasts who drive their cars hard. Additionally, aftermarket wheels will often be lighter and look one hell of a lot better than the factory set of wheels.

One of the most popular aftermarket wheels, the silver Enkei RPF1
The RPF1 wheel | Enkei

Speaking of looking better, let’s talk about one of the oldest staples of the aftermarket wheel game: Enkei. The Japanese wheel maker has been around since 1950. Obviously, they really know their stuff. That’s simply as a result of being in business for much of the development of modern cars as we know them. It’s through this expertise that Enkei is able to produce one of their most popular choices: The RPF1, which you can see above.

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