Frontier Airlines Suspends Flight Attendants For Duct Taping Sexually Abusive Passenger [Video]

Frontier Airlines shockingly suspends their flight attendants who duct taped an unruly passenger after he grabbed a flight attendant’s breast and thighs before yelling at everyone in the cabin.

Since the restrictions have been lifted due to the pandemic, the travel industry has surged with previous businesses and those who were stuck in the house are ready to get out and about. The downside to that has been very painful to watch across social media. From TSA seeing an increase in first time flyers trying traveling with weapons that aren’t properly checked, to unruly passengers..things  aren’t going well.

Just last month, we reported several cases of passangers trying to jump out of the exit doors during taxi and mid-flight. But perhaps the wildest video surfaced earlier today from a Frontier Airlines flight, where an unruly passenger went on a loud rant after sexual assaulting a flight attendant and had to be duct-taped to his seat.

According to TMZ, the incident is still under investigation, but the flight attendants have been suspended for how they handled the passenger.

Check out this insane video that was captured Saturday on a Frontier flight from Philly to Miami … in which a young guy is seen losing it on passengers, yelling at them that his parents are worth $2 mil and other bizarre ramblings. He’s cussing out the flight attendants as well, who were trying to calm him down.

Eventually, he gets into a scuffle with a male flight attendant … and he’s finally restrained to a seat with a ton of duct tape. The rest of the passengers were cheering his detainment.

As for what exactly led up to all this … the guy’s name is Max Berry, and he reportedly emerged from the lavatory shirtless after he’d spilled a drink on himself. As some attendants helped him get a new shirt from his bag, he allegedly went around groping some female attendants’ breasts, and things escalated to where the clip starts.

Of course, Mr. Berry was promptly arrested as the plane landed and hit with several chargers. Frontier’s suspensions of the employees seems to be a precaution as some may take duct tapping the passenger as going too far. For now, they will not be at work, but with the video circulating, what other option did they really have? You can watch the insane video below.

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