FYI: These Are Going to Be the Biggest Nail Trends for Winter

Winter isn’t the best time of the year for many things (uh, sun, warmth, glowy happiness, etc.), and let’s be honest, it def isn’t the best time for your nails either. Between the dry, brittle tips and peeling cuticles (does anyone else go through a bottle of cuticle oil every year, or is it just me?), and the fact that you keep them shoved in your pockets and gloves for months on end, winter isn’t exactly known to be the time to let your mani shine. But things are a-changin’!

If you currently think of winter as that awful period of time where you have to stop wearing pastel and rainbow nail colors and fun prints, think again. Winter nail colors can be fun, too, and to prove it to ya, I’ve rounded up non-boring 19 winter 2021 nail trends to copy asap. Keep scrolling for all the nail inspo, tips, and products to DIY them yourself come winter.


Cool-Tone Nails for Winter 2021

You know what goes perfectly with cooler weather? Cool nails with cool colors. I will never not be into wearing a different shade on each finger, and if you share these same thoughts, you can make your nails feel very wintery by alternating multiple shades of blue nail polish and a touch of green, like the round nails shown here.

❄️Recreate the look: 786 Blue Nail Polish Set


Neutral Almond Nails for Winter


Matte and Shiny Nails Trend


Blue Thin French Tips for Winter


Multicolored Mani Trend for Winter


Subdued Smiley Faces for Winter

Brown nail polish is one the biggest 2021 nail trends, so end the year with a bang and a bangin’ brown shade like this warm taupe. The melted smiley faces not only look cool, but the squiggly outlines are also much easier to paint with your non-dominant hand than perfect circles.

❄️Recreate the look: Essie Nail Polish Wild Nude


Pearly Polka Dots for Winter

These swirls and subtle polka dot nails made with different shades of white nail polish look like melting ice and snowflakes (but the pretty kind, not the gross, muddy stuff).

❄️Recreate the look: iFwevs Nail Art Brushes


Black-and-White Floral Nails for Winter


Green Tips for Winter 2021


Snow Leopard Print for Winter 2021


Blue and Brown Nails for Winter 2021


Opal Nails for Winter 2021

With a little transfer foil, you can transform a sheer white nail polish into a whole opalescent moment. Add a touch of gold around the border of your nails with gold nail polish to make your nail looks look like jewelry.

❄️Recreate the look: AIFAIFA Metallic Nail Foils


French Tip Nails for Winter

If you really want to accentuate your almond-shaped nails, go with an elongated French mani. This versatile nail trend would look cool with your winter uniform but can also clean up nicely for your holiday party.

❄️Recreate the look: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails French Manicure


Multi-Print Mani for Winter 2021


Pop of Neon Nail Polish for Winter 2021

There’s really no better time of the year to wear gray than winter, but when the winter fatigue starts creeping in, brighten things up a bit with a stripe of neon yellow. And since even short nails can pull off this design, you don’t have to go without gloves for good nails.

❄️Recreate the look: Orly Nail Lacquer in Glowstick


Pink and Red Tip Nails


Icy Blue Hearts for Winter

Got an icy heart? Same! Embrace it and incorporate light blue heart designs into your winter nail look.

❄️Recreate the look: Olive & June Blue Crush Set


Colorful Half-Moon French Mani


Swirl Print Nails for Winter 2021

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