Council Post: Three Brutal Truths About Success You Need To Know Now

By Thomas Griffin, Co-Founder and President of OptinMonster. Entrepreneur, investor and software expert. Helping you be a better leader in your organization.

Everyone wants to be successful in life. 

We all hear so many amazing stories of how wonderful it is to be successful. The problem, however, is that achieving success is not easy. It comes with a lot of challenges, and you have to sacrifice a lot to finally reach the point where you really want to be.

Facing these tough times may be difficult. But no one really talks about it once they make their way through it. They want to forget about the bad experiences and focus on the positives so that they can inspire people like you to follow their path without discouraging you. 

So although many of you know that it can be a tough journey, you don’t really know what makes the journey such a tough one. Yes, there is the hard work that you need to put in day in and day out. But is that it? 

Well, there’s actually more than just the sleepless stressful nights and hectic days. Most successful people won’t talk about such times. But knowing about them is essential because it will prepare you to face such times with more confidence and without being disheartened.

So here are three brutal truths about success that you need to know now. 

1. It’s a lonely journey.

The path to success can be extremely lonely. You may have people around you, but despite that, sometimes you might feel lost and lonely. This happens because the lives of most successful people are different from those of the masses.

Instead of spending the night partying with friends, sometimes you might want to work on an important project all by yourself. Instead of attending a family get-together, you might have to travel to another city to attend a meeting. Sometimes, you may be loaded with so much work that you might have to miss your children’s special days. 

You become so busy in your life that you don’t have time to spend with your loved ones. Eventually, this can alienate you from your family and friends. But if you really want to be successful, you have to prepare yourself to deal with such situations gracefully and not complain about them. That’s because what’s awaiting you is a whole different experience.

2. You’ll lose many things.

Being successful may mean losing out on a lot of things. You aren’t born successful. You have to work hard to earn it, and in doing so, you might have to give up a lot of things.

Sometimes you may have to stay up just to make sure you have accomplished something that you’ve always wanted to. So you have to give up your sleeping time to make it happen.

At other times, you might have invested a ton of money, hoping for the best results, but you may not get the desired results and lose all of it. Similarly, your journey to being successful may cost you relationships, time and so much more.

But this shouldn’t dishearten you because at the end of the tunnel there still is a bright shining light that will welcome you with much warmth and positivity.

3. You’ll be disappointed.

Another brutal truth about being successful is that you have to prepare yourself to make friends with disappointment. In your journey to being successful, there’ll be a lot of times when you’ll disappoint others. Similarly, prepare yourself to be disappointed with time and with different situations.

To achieve something, you’ll have to go beyond what is considered “normal.” In doing so, you’ll disappoint people in your life. This, in turn, will disappoint you. Also, things may not always turn out to be the way you plan, and to achieve many of these things, you’ll have to put a lot at stake. But sometimes, you’ll have to blame time for making things happen differently.

At such times, always remember the saying by Henry Ward Beecher, “One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.” No matter how disappointing times may be, never give up on your dreams. It’s one of the most powerful traits of successful people, and you should have it, too.

Being successful isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work and requires great patience. It’s certainly not a cakewalk. But the good thing about it is that all of these challenges and hardships teach you lessons that will help you achieve greater things in times to come. So don’t be disheartened. Instead, use the luxury of time and preparation to face each of these brutal truths with much more confidence.

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